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The Nevada Division on Career Development and Transition (NV-DCDT) is committed to providing educators and professionals with the tools and resources they need to create a more inclusive world of learning for everyone.

Education is a dynamic field that is constantly changing. As your professional association, we want to make sure you have access to the tools, research, and learning you need to help individuals with exceptionalities achieve their potential.

5 Ways to Improve Your Practice

Transition planning is critical for students with special needs. When done well, it can help ensure that a student has a successful transition from school to adulthood. However, when transition planning is done poorly, it can lead to frustration and disappointment for both the student and their her family. 

Here at NV-DCDT we, want to help you improve your practice and enhance the post-secondary outcome of our students. Here is how you can improve your practice.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Transition

  • Understand the primary reasons transition is included in IDEA
  • Identify the key concepts of Transition: student centered, results-oriented, coordinated effort

Transition and the Individualized Education Program (IEP)

  • Identify and understand the major components of the IEP specific to transition
  • Be able to self-monitor components of compliance utilizing Indicator 13 checklist

Student Centered

  • Students need to actively participate, acquire self-advocacy skills, self-monitor, and demonstrate self-determination.


  • Continuous, ongoing assessments and goal setting:
  • Skills, interest, and strength Inventories
  • Education, career/employment, independent living, assessments and goals

Coordinated Activities

Identify key members and their roles:

  • Instruction
  • Community experiences
  • Employment
  • Related services
  • Independent living
  • Functional vocational assessment

Professional Development Resources You Can Trust

It’s no secret that educators need to stay up to date on their professional development to provide the best experience possible for their students—especially those with exceptionalities. But finding quality resources can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of our favorite professional development resources. From online courses to printable handouts, we’ve got you covered! So, take a few minutes and check out these great resources – your students will thank you for it!

DCDT Resources
Educator Resources

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